Nemesysco | LVA 6.50

Professional investigation focus tool

​LVA 6.50 is a professional investigation focus tool
using Nemesysco’s proprietary Layered Voice Analysis technology.

It is capable of detecting and measuring many different psychophysiological reactions that are indicative of changes in the tested party’s perception, alerting the trained operator to follow its indication and leads.

Know Your Suspects™

Get to know your suspects much faster. Using the combined skills of your professional knowledge and the high sensing capabilities of LVA, the system will lead you to reveal the whole truth much faster than ever before.

LVA 6.50 Modes Of Operation

Real-time analysis

Real-time analysis during investigations Face to Face / Over-The-Phone

Post analysis of pre-recorded material

In-depth analysis of pre-recorded material

LVA 6.50 is Friendly & Intuitive

Easy to Learn

Easy to Operate

Analyzes free speech

Language independent

Interactive Analysis Displays

Assess the speaker’s intentions and veracity, get valuable insights about their concerns and strengths

Undercover Work

The ability to perform full analysis over the phone offers new possibilities

Sensitive Position Recruitment

Reveal new layers of information that would normally not be accessible

Investigation Room

Direct the investigation into the relevant path, identify new leads and sensitive points, and reveal the truth

The Tool of Choice for (almost) Any Investigation Need…

Unlike other systems of its kind, LVA 6.50 analyzes free and natural speech, and in fact prefers to “listen to the thought process” as it gives the LVA more voice data and helps to understand the thinking mood of the suspect – things that cannot be identified from a simple “yes/no” response. This feature makes it suitable also for undercover work analysis, when the analysis is conducted (where applicable by law) without the subject’s knowledge or preparation.

Analyzes free speech  |  Most accurate  system of its kind  |  Language independent  |  Doesn’t require the subject’s consent*

LVA 6.50 and the Polygraph, Friends or Foes?

Is LVA 6.50 a substitute for the polygraph? We say no.
The polygraph has been around for over 100 years, and when used properly it is a very effective tool. We have several polygraph experts in our network, and we can say clearly where each of the products can complement the other, all with the aim to get to the truth.

*​LVA 6.50 completes (not competes) with the Polygraph

  • Use LVA earlier in the investigation when you may have a large number of suspects and little time
  • LVA 6.50 is used in the pre-test interview (before the polygraph test), and can hint to prepare a better Polygraph questionnaire
  • LVA 6.50 works over the phone and with recorded material
  • Use LVA when you don’t want the suspect to know
  • Better with open conversations than with “yes/no” questions

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