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Add genuine emotion analysis to your call center quality assurance solutions

QA7 SDK for your call center

Integrating the QA7 emotion detection components into your contact center solution gives you a significant competitive edge in today’s market where unsatisfied customers can and will easily take their business elsewhere.

A company’s most vital asset is its customers. Meeting customer needs and focusing on customer satisfaction helps to ensure customers’ loyalty to your business, as well as their recommendations to others. Even when monitoring the textual content of calls, customers rarely explicitly state their true preferences or feelings about their interactions with your company’s contact center agents. Superior tools are needed to determine your customers’ true emotions and reactions, quickly and efficiently.

Using Nemesysco’s Emotion Detection Platform (EDP), the QA7 SDK or the QA7 WEB API are able to detect and measure a wide variety of emotions and mental states including stress, anger, embarrassment, satisfaction, excitement, rationality and more. Every system designer can customize its data display according to criteria that is most relevant to its business processes and evaluation needs.

Add Emotion Detection capabilities to your call center solution

By incorporating QA7 into your call center, supervision capabilities will be dramatically enhanced with unbiased and accurate real-time indicators, smart and efficient analysis of recordings, databases, performance logs and reports of your agents’ progress, and advanced tools to learn about customers’ likes and dislikes.


QA7 software technology

QA7 Software development kit utilizes Nemesysco’s LVA and Emotion Detection Platform to detect and measure a wide range of emotions and cognitive states. Together with the analytics engine of your choice, it further allows you to define, train and detect additional emotional states to meet some specific customer needs. This unique combination of out-of-the-box detection of a variety of emotions, together with the ability to train the system to detect other emotions of interest, in real-time or from pre-recorded material, is what makes QA7 the most sophisticated, flexible, cutting edge voice analysis technology available today.

Data privacy and compliance

At Nemesysco we support our clients in their data protection compliance. QA7 is a data driven technology which processes various forms of personal data. To ensure our clients are able to embed QA7 in a compliant way, we have completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment, available to our clients. We help our clients take all necessary steps to minimize their data protection risks. These include: advanced data security, establishing a legal basis for processing, specific recommendations on training, guidance on clients’ obligations from data subject rights to storage limitation, and more.  



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