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About Nemesysco

Nemesysco Ltd is the leading provider of voice analysis technologies and solutions powered by Amir Liberman’s “Layered Voice Analysis” (LVA™) patented technology. Nemesysco’s solutions address different needs of the security, corporate and financial markets, enabling organizations to enhance crime detection and prevention; expedite investigations; identify and fight fraud more effectively; improve veracity assessment during recruitment processes and provide better services to the public at need. 

Nemesysco is a privately held company based in Israel, dedicated to the advancement of voice analysis technologies, serving its customers through a network of partners located in more than 50 centers around the world.

The LVA™ technology is a proprietary set of vocal measurements, parameters and functions found through on-going research and field studies of real life vocal data to correlate with key human emotions, and is the core of all Nemesysco’s activities. 

The Emotional Diamond concept was developed in 2012, to simplify the LVA analysis and present in a simple to follow graphical manner 8 of the key emotional parameters LVA can identify, namely: Energy, Passion, Excitement, Uneasy, Stress, Mental Effort, Uncertainty and concentration. The Emotional Diamond concept further illustrates Nemesysco’s basic Personality Test procedures, following repeating emotional traits in a manner that cannot be controlled or deliberately affected by the speaker.

Fields of Operation

Nemesysco’s solutions are used by governmental bodies and enterprises from a variety of fields ranging from security applications for intelligence, army, police forces and financial governmental bodies, to corporate vetting companies, investment houses, contact centers and insurance/banking providers. 

Nemesysco’s defense and homeland security solutions are targeted mainly towards investigating bodies (police, intelligence and counter intelligence), prison facilities, border/customs control and airport security. 

Our enterprise solutions include CRM technologies, fraud prevention, automated risk assessment, personality tests and pre-employment evaluation systems. These products are offered as packaged software or technology components ready for integration into exiting centralized phone systems.

Nemesysco solutions enable organizations to improve any investigative procedure, recruitment processes, enhance customers’ retention and work force optimization, and provide better service to their legitimate customers when they need it the most. 

We further allow 3rd party developers to license our technologies, developing medical applications as well as entertainment products, all made to enhance the use of emotion detection through voice around the world.

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