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The Age of Emotional Machines - Amir Liberman Technion lecture

Jun 23, 2014

TCE – Technion Computer Engineering Center. Nemesysco’s CEO spoke about emotion detection, emotion sensing devices and the next developments in the field of virtual personality, at the TCE2014 conference, on May 26. This year’s TCE conference dealt with trends in signal & image processing. The lecture is available on the Technion YouTube channel. 

Nemesysco at the ABN AMRO Bank’s “Startup Friday”

December 1st, 2014

ABN AMRO Innovation Center Amir presented Nemesysco and its solutions at the ” Startup Friday” event at the Dutch ABN AMRO Bank, discussing developments in Bio-metrics solutions for the finance arena.

TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Amir Liberman - The Emotional Microscope

December, 2012

TEDxAmsterdam “… What we can do best is read and classify emotions, lead investigators to reveal the whole truth. Good bye “Lie detectors”, hello “Investigation focus tools”….”From our point of view it’s only the real emotions, never the fake ones to be evaluated… And so what is it that we offer today? We think of it as the microscope of emotion…”

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