DBSS press release

“DBSS and Nemesysco announced the partnership agreement for distribution of Nemesysco products to India’s civilian and corporate markets.” The agreement will open the door for India’s corporations and civilian sector to enjoy Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis based solutions for recruitment, fraud prevention and call centers’ quality monitoring. DBSS (India) and Nemesysco (Israel) announced today (27/4/2017) […]

Aizan Partners with Nemesysco for emotive analytics

“Aizan (www.aizan.com), a leading cloud based voice solution provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with Nemesysco Ltd. (www.nemesysco.com). Nemesysco is the leading provider of emotive voice analysis technologies and solutions powered by the “QA5 emotion sensing” patented technology. By partnering with Nemesysco, Aizan adds emotive analytics to a wide range of standard voice analytics.”. […]